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The Owners

Rozel Gonzales is a passionate yoga and fitness teacher, massage therapist, speaker, and entrepreneur.  A mother of three, dedicated to helping people shine from the inside out…

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In early 2014, after 15 years working in the field of IT, Sebastian Ferraro, decided to leave his corporate life to support his wife Rozel Gonzales in the management of her new business…

Our Support Staff
Vinny-Employee Photo
Vinny Patel

Meet Vinny, Our cheerful assistant manager! A recent graduate from OCAD University…

Employee Photos (65)
Selina Sherman

Meet Selina, our bubbly front-desk member! She is currently in her second year… 

Xara Toguri-Laurin

Meet Xara, our smiley front desk member! She graduated from John Abbott College after …

Julia Manganiello​

Meet Julia, our friendly front desk member! She is currently pursuing her Bachelor degree at…

Our Therapists
our therapist Yolanda
massage therapist

Yolanda is a fully certified message therapist recognized by the Society Nouvelle de…

Employee Photos (3)
Debbie White
massage therapist

Debbie White is a Registered Massage therapist and holistic practitioner who specializes…

massage west island
marina makeeva
massage therapist

Marina is a Registered Massage Therapist (RTM) with over 20 years of experience and is…

Employee Photos (5)
Tanisha Lai-Hing
massage therapist

Tanisha Lai-Hing’s passion for healthcare has led her on a fulfilling journey as a…

Guylaine Boulanger
Massage Therapist

Guylaine is a Registered Massage Therapist (SNMQ) for the past 4 years…

Employee Photos (74)
Marina Grazzini
massage therapist

Marina is a dedicated massage therapist and a proud member of the AMPQ…

Employee Photos (6)
Federico Cantador
massage therapist

Meet Federico Cantador, a passionate Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) …

skarly nader
skarly nader

Skarly is a certified naturopath , ND graduated since 2015 and has continued her..

Marie Josée Cabana, PDt

Marie-Josée has a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from McGill University …

Nancy Faraj, PDt

Nancy is a bilingual dietitian who has worked in both the United States and Quebec…

female osteopath
Joelle Bekhazi
osteopath d.o.

Joelle Bekhazi is a dedicated osteopath who recently graduated from…

Employee Photos (29)
milad srour
osteopath d.o.

After practicing as a physiotherapist and personal trainer in Lebanon since 2001…

Alexandra Bitzilos

Alexandra is a dedicated osteopath with a strong foundation in her completed…

Our Instructors
Melissa Mungiovi

Melissa Mungiovi, our yoga teacher,  holds a Bachelor of Education, specializing in Early… 

Employee Photos (1)
Natasha Rodrigue

Natasha Rodrigue began practicing yoga in 2015 in effort to become more physically fit…

Employee Photos (2)
Maria Del Carmen

Maria Del Carmen is a yoga teacher originally from Colombia, Mexico. She completed 200h…

Employee Photos (30)
Natasha fuzessy

In addition to teaching yoga, Natasha possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Anatomy…

Vicky a fitness, yoga, and pilates instructor with great energy, a positive attitude, and a passion…

Employee Photos (25)
karine joazard

Karine started dance classes at a very young age and is professionally trained in Ballet…

ema geo
EMA Geovshanian

 From Barre, to Zumba to Bootcamp, Ema is a ball of energy who has…

Employee Photos (29)
silvia de la garza

Originally from Mexico, Silvia has been dancing for almost ten years. She became a certified…

Employee Photos (26)
lara willson

Lara has been practicing yoga for 10 years. In 2017, she started her yoga teacher training at…

Employee Photos (1)
Andrée-Anne Perreault

Andrée-Anne is a dedicated yogi always open to learning more and deepening her practice. A young …

Lisa Purdie

Lisa is a yoga instructor with a love of wellness and movement. As a working…

Employee Photos
Tamara Wakhil

Tamara has been dancing ever since she was a little girl. From jazz to hip hop all the way to…

Employee Photos (28)
Tanya Narang

Tanya is one of our fitness class instructors at the studio. She has an MBA from McGill…

Jessica Francis

Jessica Francis is a certified yoga teacher who has completed her 200h and 300h Yoga …

Employee Photos (8)
sandra di lullo

Sandra is a certified Level 1 Essentrics Instructor and began practicing Essentrics…

Want to join our team?

If you are a health and wellness professional, passionate about helping others, contact Energie EnCorps. Please feel free to reach out to us via email info@energieencorps.com to offer your services, even if there is no current job openings for your specialty, who knows, we may be able to collaborate!

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