Corporate Wellness

Why implement a corporate wellness program?

To stay ahead of the pack, today’s most progressive employers have come to realize that in order to attract and retain their industry’s top talent, one must define themselves as a company that cares about their employee’s well-being.  Research shows that today’s workforce is looking for more.  They define the intrinsic value of their employer not only by salary and benefits they are entitled to but as well by the corporate culture and values that they become part of.  Importance is now placed on value-added services brought in-house to heighten convenience as a means to increase personal productivity, employee appreciation and the sense of belonging to a community. Are they proud of who they are working for?  Does the company care about their well-being and support a balanced, sustainable lifestyle?  This generation is interested in flexible work hours, work from home benefits, above par insurance plans, paramedical services and of course an onsite corporate wellness program. From a managerial perspective the implementation of corporate wellness initiatives contribute to increased performance, efficiency and moral, as well as improvement in engagement, retention, and a positive contribution to the company’s bottom line.  

The benefits of working with Energie EnCorps

1. Turn-key corporate wellness program

The primary advantage of working with Energie EnCorps is that we provide a one stop, no-hassle corporate wellness programming for you. We would work within your budget and take care of all the planning, hiring and logistics required to make your program a success. Energie EnCorps has a proven track record to help you to re-energize, re-engage and re-connect your people to their work and to their workplace. We have experience creating health and wellness programs, to help you to build a sense of community and help you to demonstrate how important your employees are to you. Our turn-key solutions for health and wellness programs enable you to very quickly implement on-site corporate wellness services that meet your human resource objectives and budget.

2. Experienced and professional team of industry professionals

Working with Energie EnCorps allows you access to vast network experienced, certified and qualified, up to date and bilingual staff that would be available to fulfill your corporate needs. We would be able to customize a plan for your business for group fitness and mind-body classes, educational wellness activities or workshops, as well as on-site paramedical services like chair massage, osteopathy or nutrition.

3. Tailored plans to suit your budget and requirements

We would work together to find a tailored plan that works best for you and you would always have the ability to provide feedback and make adjustments going forward.

4. Flexibility and options

Working with Energie EnCorps gives you the peace of mind to know that you will always have options. From one season to the next there will always be the opportunity to make changes to the programming, provide feedback and tweak your offerings to meet your needs. This is possible because we offer a wide variety of classes and work with a huge network of professionals allowing us to find the best fit for your group. In addition, you will never have to worry about finding replacements or dealing with absenteeism, because we would be responsible for this!

5. Long-term relationship

Working with us, entails a long-term relationship that allows us to improve the program, adjust and grow based on your company vision. We are here to help your company succeed and offer the best wellness programs to make your employees feel valued.

Corporate wellness services

Yoga and Fitness Classes

Energie EnCorps has a large staff of local fitness and yoga teachers available to provide on-site classes. All teachers are certified, experienced, bilingual and able to modify class levels to meet the varying levels of fitness of the students.

  • A consultation will be needed to determine the best style of class for your population depending on demographics, the time of day and the type of  location that is available for the activity.
  • Energie EnCorps can manage the sourcing of any equipment that may be needed to start up your program

Classes available:  Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Essentrics, Barre, Toning, Boot Camp, Core Training

Outdoor Programs

In the summertime, if your space allows for it, outdoor activities are a possibility.  Here are some examples of what can be possible.

  • Outdoor yoga and fitness classes
  • Running or walking clubs simple walk outside can improve your cognitive thinking. Our certified staff will lead you on a dynamic walk or run that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.

Wellness services

Corporate Chair Massage  

Sitting on a chair all day can leave you with aches and pains, however a chair massage can vastly help with those pains. Our massotherapists have all been certified by the Soceité Nouvelle de Massotherapist du Quebec (SNMQ), and have many years of experience.

Nutritional Consultations  

Eating a balanced diet can be tricky but with the help of our registered nutritionist, it can be easy as pie!

Osteopathy Services

Osteopathy is a technique that restores the natural equilibrium of the human body. Stress affects everyone in different ways,and this is where osteopathy shines through because it addresses the whole body.

Educational Workshops + Activities

Team-Building Activities, Off-Site Retreats, Wellness Workshops and Lunch & Learn seminars

Over the years our team has facilitated numerous workshops, off-site activities, retreat activities and lunch and learns.  Depending on the theme of your event or the messaging that you would like to convey, our activities can be tailored to help you deliver just that.  We have experience in the corporate milieu and are able to customize our talking points to be engaging and understandable for your populations.  Our professional and experienced health and wellness facilitators, and speakers will engage your employees to create a deeper connection between them and the company that they work for.  

Topics of Discussion 

Wellness workshops for special events, off-sites or lunch and learn type series presented by our professional therapists and experienced facilitators or speakers.  

Here are examples of some of the topics we can address:

  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Yoga for Stress Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Healthy Eating on the Go
  • Learning to Breathe

Package A

Package B

Package C

On-site wellness services such as osteopathy and nutrition may be also added to any package at an additional cost. Prices vary from package to package and can be tailored to best suit your needs.

For more information on Energie EnCorps Corporate Wellness services contact us at (514) 505-9642 or email us at info@energieencorps.com