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Become a certified naturopath

A naturopath is a Lifestyle specialist


By virtue of his training and the primordial interest he gives to the way of life, the naturopath masters the knowledge of a set of factors promoting health.

The application of naturopathic advice is carefully measured and coordinated. It stems from a detailed and expert study of the patient’s condition. It is part of a progressive plan, aimed at correcting the patient’s bad habits.

In his interventions, the naturopath takes into account all aspects of the lifestyle of the person who consults him. The naturopath can therefore be considered an expert in the proper management of lifestyle, with the aim of correcting various health disorders.

We consult a naturopath to learn how to live healthily and avoid illness.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a method of care aimed at the overall and optimal health of any person, by means of an effective management of their way of life, so that the body is immersed in the most favorable conditions possible for its tendency. innate and powerful to self-heal or improve.


The word naturopath, coming from two English words “nature” and “path”, aptly means  the path of nature . More precisely, naturopathy draws its basic principles from the observation of the phenomena of nature, from the study of biology, physiology and ecology.

Naturopathy is defined as the philosophy, art and science which aim to provide human beings with the highest degree of health possible, by teaching them to manage their lifestyles correctly. In fact, the health of the human being is intimately linked to nature and, consequently, it depends directly on respect for the laws of biology and ecology.

Hence the importance of establishing a plan of reform in one’s way of life adapted to one’s own conditions. From then on, living matter is actualized; it follows its normal course, that of achieving and maintaining within itself the highest level of integrity possible. If applicable, mechanisms for healing, scarring, detoxification, autolysis, self-regulation, etc. can spontaneously start or intensify. All these mechanisms are inherent in living matter; they are part of what is commonly called the instinct of self-preservation. In order to ensure this optimal level of health, the naturopath advises his clients on the appropriate application of natural health factors, such as diet, physical exercise, rest, sunshine, hygiene, stress management, emotional balance, etc.



By consulting a naturopath, the patient receives solid information that allows them to maintain, improve or regain their health. The naturopath is a real health teacher. His teaching is based on a therapeutic system that is both scientific and effective. In summary, the teachings of the naturopath consist in guiding individuals, families and groups on their way of life, in order to increase their level of energy and health. The naturopath does not claim to cure, but teaches his patients the most effective means to put themselves in the best possible conditions for improving and recovering health. The naturopath indicates how to collaborate with the healing potential inherent in the body.

Program Admission

In order to become certified naturopaths, aspiring students are required to possess a college diploma (DEC) or equivalent training and experience.

Important deadlines for application submission are as follows:

  • August 31 for the fall semester, which commences in September.
  • December 31 for the winter semester, which commences in January.



REGULAR PROGRAM (24 months):  For students who have not studied anatomy and physiology.

  • The total cost of the program is $6000 plus tax.  
  • This program is payable a monthly basis, $250 per month plus tax.


ACCELERATED PROGRAM (18 months): For students who have a background 

  • The total cost of the program is $4500 plus tax.  
  • This program is payable a monthly basis, $250 per month plus tax.
  • This amount includes the program, taxes, documents, and exams.


A one-time registration fee of $60 will be charged for any of the programs above.  

The International Institute of Naturopathy holds recognition as an educational institution by Revenue Québec. This recognition permits individuals to claim the expenses incurred as educational expenditures and deduct them from their provincial income taxes.

Upon the completion of a naturopath diploma, individuals are eligible to register as members of the ANPQ, a highly regarded professional association in Quebec. Joining this association enables naturopaths to provide insurance receipts for their services, which can enhance their clientele and career prospects.

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