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Yoga Teacher Training


Are you ready to take your yoga to the next level?

Have you fallen in love with yoga?  Are you ready to learn more and dive deeper?  

Our yoga teacher training programs at Energie EnCorps are designed for anyone who wants to learn more.  Whether you want to teach or simply want to deepen your practice, this training may be for you.  Our comprehensive programs are based on the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, a lineage designed to give you life-changing tools for personal growth and development. 

This is your opportunity to build a strong foundation and take your practice to the next level.  Go beyond the poses with us.  Dive deep into a traditional practice that incorporates postures, philosophy, breathwork, and meditation.    Open your heart to teachings meant to develop an equanimous mind and a life of balance and harmony.

A life changing experience for your body and mind

Top 10 Reasons for doing a Yoga Teacher Training

  • You want to become a yoga teacher
  • You love yoga and you want to deepen your practice
  •  You are interested in meditation and calming your mind
  • You love to learn new things
  • You want to invest in your own personal development
  • You want to be around like-minded people
  • You want to get stronger mentally and physically
  • You want to meet take time for you
  • You are a teacher interested in continued education
  • You want to learn how to practice and share safely

200h ashtanga yoga teacher training

Build a strong foundation. Deepen your personal practice. An introduction to the tradition of Ashtanga Yoga.
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300h advanced yoga mentorship

Dive deep into sharing your knowledge. An opportunity to put into practice your learnings from last year. Practice teaching in a safe space while receiving valuable feedback along your journey.
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sadhana continuous education series

A program for those committed to continuous learning amongst like-minded individuals. Explore, experiment share and discover with your sangha.
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Training Yoga Teachers since 2014

Energie EnCorps prides itself on being an industry leader in yoga and holistic health education.  Committed to sharing the timeless lessons of traditional yoga, our teachers are continuously practicing and learning themselves in order to deepen the practices and uplift the bodies and minds of an entire community.

We are proud to be a School for Teachers, having trained over 200 teachers since 2014 in the West Island of Montreal and its surroundings.   Our school is officially recognized by Human Resources Canada making all tuition tax deductible.

Meet your teachers!

Owner of Energie EnCorps West Island
ROZEL GONZALES, lead instructor

Rozel Gonzales, owner of Energie EnCorps, is a passionate yoga practitioner and teacher.  Teaching since 1997, Rozel enjoys passing on the traditional teachings of yoga, uplifting her students, and raising the consciousness of an entire community.  A true believer in continuous learning, Rozel travels regularly to practice and learn from the most respected teachers of the Asthanga Yoga Lineage.    Rozel is forever grateful to the teachers that have inspired her along her journey including Mark Darby, Manju Jois, Jody Manley and Kino MacGregor.


Yoga Instructor at Energie EnCorps West Island
Melissa Mungiovi, assistant instructor

Melissa Mungiovi has been teaching at Energie EnCorps since 2012.  One of the original teachers for our  community she has been assisting the Energie EnCorps teacher training since 2016.  Melissa is known for her clear communication style, excellent theming and compassionate and open approach to teaching.  Melissa particular enjoys working with beginner students helping them to develop accessible practices.    Her calm, easy going personality is the perfect balance against Rozel’s energetic and dynamic teaching style.  


Check out highlights over the years

Going through the yoga teacher training process can be a life changing experience. Doing a YTT is so much more than a physical yoga or technical teaching experience. Over the course of the year, the students have an amazing opportunity to make strong connections with one another. They bond and learn how to uplift one another as they work on building their self-confidence, communication skills, patience and mental strength. 

Yoga Teacher Training Testimonials

Our next session begins April 2024!


This is your chance to take dive deep into an adventure self-discovery!  Want to learn more? Click below to view all the details of our courses or to register for a virtual information session.  

We cannot wait to meet you!

What you need to know...

Frequently asked questions

This is a training for personal development and each person will come in with different intentions.  As long as you are committed to learning, this is for you.  The definition of a teacher is simply someone who is trying hard to live the values of yoga and helping to guide others by being the best version of themselves.

The practice of Ashtanga yoga refers to the philosophy of the 8 limbs of yoga.  Physical practice is only one part.  Our teacher training is committed to teaching the energetics of the posture and helping you creating an accessible practice for you.  This practice is open to all ages and abilities.

It is recommended that the students have at least 1 year of yoga practice experience.  

All time missed can be made up in future trainings or through a tailored plan with your teacher. 

The homework involves personal practice, readings and one group meeting per month.    There is no test at all.  Each of us will learn at a different pace and we are all on different timelines.  At the beginning of the training it is important that you share your intention for doing the training so that we may guide you accordingly.

Your practice is key.  We recommend that you practice at least 2-3 times per week in order to embody the teachings of the practice.

Yes this training is bilingual, English and French.  Our teachers are bilingual and are able to teach fluently in both languages.  Books are mostly in English, some of the books are also available in French.  

Our 200 and 300h teacher trainings are 11 month programs.  We believe in taking our time to absorb and integrate the teachings of the practice.  

After the first two years the Sadhana program is a continuous education program that can be taken at any time. 


The mentorship is reserved for students who have completed their first year of training at Energie EnCorps.  Mentors play a key role in teaching our first year students and must be familiar with the teaching methods at Energie EnCorps.

The 200h and 300h Teacher Trainings cost $3650 plus tax.  There is an early bird special before February 25th, offering a savings of $150.  

All tuition may be claimed as a tax deduction as our school is a recognized educational institution by both provincial and federal governments.

Got any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at any time!  We are here to answer your questions.  Ask you question below or call the studio at (514) 505-9642.