Get to know Yvette!

Zumba and Fitness Instructor

Yvette Lapa

Passionate about everything she does, Yvette has been working in the IT field for over twenty years. Her favorite part of life is when she shuts down all her electronic gadgets and lets go of her cerebral side to join you on the dance floor for a fiesta caliente or a cardio party. Moving with pleasure, making you smile inside and out, and turning these moments into a real party: that’s the mission Yvette sets herself every time!

Yvette has six years of experience as a Zumba instructor and is equally passionate about teaching various other classes, including Zumba, Strong Nation, Bootcamp, PowerFit, and Cardio Kick Boxe.

In her dual role as an IT expert and Zumba instructor, Yvette offers a unique blend of technology and rhythm, ready to turn any fitness class into a memorable, high-energy experience. Join her to infuse fun and excitement into your workouts.