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Naturopath, ND

Desiree Abecassis

Desiree is a dedicated Naturopath from Montreal, Canada, with a fervent passion for natural medicine. With over a decade of experience in clinical Naturopathic practice, she has honed her expertise in the field. Desiree’s journey in the realm of natural health began during her teenage years, where she first delved into the world of natural health supplements. Specializing in aiding individuals dealing with IBS and digestive issues, Desiree’s commitment to improving health in this area is unwavering. She extends her private consultation practice globally, providing online guidance to clients seeking holistic solutions.

Desiree’s extensive formal education includes a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, a 4-year certification in Naturopathic Medicine, as well as 3 years of comprehensive training in Homeopathy. She has also delved into the intricate worlds of Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicines. As a Health Educator, Desiree has conducted online programs and taught local whole food culinary classes, sharing her wealth of knowledge in natural medicine. Her profound love for this field is evident, and she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to engage and exchange insights within communities spreading the message of health and wellness.

Optimize your health

Naturopathy takes its name from the English words “nature” and “path”, meaning the “path of nature”. It is one of the components of science and alternative medicine,  and it consists above all in educating and making people aware of a healthy lifestyle.

Our naturopaths works with you by focusing on some of the causes of health problems that may be part of your lifestyle: diet, restful sleep, physical exercise, stress management, water and air.