Get to know Alexandra Blach


Alexandra Blach, PDt

Alexandra Blach, R.D., has a journey in dietetics that showcases her enduring passion for health and fitness, driven by a strong desire to assist people on their path to wellness. She holds a degree in Dietetics from McGill University and takes pride in being a member of the Ordre des diététistes nutritionnistes du Québec (ODNQ), demonstrating her commitment.

An experienced barre instructor for two years, Alexandra brings the same thoughtful approach to her role as a dietitian, helping individuals reach their health goals. She has witnessed successes in her barre classes, motivating her to offer similar support to her nutrition clients.

Alexandra advocates for wellness with enthusiasm, embraces intuitive eating, and believes in not adhering to strict rules for healthy eating. With her guidance, embark on a journey that simplifies nutritional information, encourages enjoyment, discovery, and flexibility. Say goodbye to rigid diets and welcome an approach that respects your body’s signals, celebrating the joy of eating while aiming for optimal health.

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