Stress and Osteopathy

Energie EnCorps Wellness Centre in Pointe-Claire offers osteopathy treatments. Osteopathic treatments are not only good for relieving local symptoms in muscles or joints but in fact, deal with the underlying cause of a symptom and can help the body function optimally. Research shows that stress is a common cause of the onset of physical pains […]

Take care of your gut!

Have you ever heard of the intestines as our “second brain”? . Well, that mention makes perfect sense, given that they are home to hundreds of millions of neurons. Dr Patrick Véret, a doctor from France who was interested in the nutrition and acupuncture aspects of alternative medicine, speaks about the intestinal neuronal system in […]

The benefits of Massage Therapy

In the 20 plus years that I have been a massage therapist, I am still stunned when people tell me that they have never had a massage. Even though there are many reasons, the main one is in making the time to allow for such “luxury”. We all lead busy lives and booking a session […]

10 Health Benefits of Water

We all know that water is essential for maintaining good health. Our body is made up of 60 to 65% water, which is distributed in the blood, brain, lungs, heart, muscles, bones, etc. Every day, we lose about 2 to 2.5 liters of water mainly through urine, but also through stool, skin and sweat. Water […]

What’s the HYPE about essential oils?

Turn off your phone, dim the lights and close your eyes. Sit up straight in your chair. Feel the four corners of your feet planted firmly in the ground. Visualize roots growing from beneath the soles of your feet. Keep a long spine, shoulders rolled back and down. Relax your face and pour on two […]

What are the Chakras?

What are chakras?  So we talked a little bit about chakras in our reiki article.  Our Reiki Practitioner, Nicole Fortunaso works with them to help you feel relaxed – so what are they?  Chakras are known to exist in esoteric practices and where first documented thousands of years ago by several different cultures.  They are […]