Energie EnCorps Wellness Centre in Pointe-Claire offers osteopathy treatments.

Osteopathic treatments are not only good for relieving local symptoms in muscles or joints but in fact, deal with the underlying cause of a symptom and can help the body function optimally. Research shows that stress is a common cause of the onset of physical pains and the development of other health issues. Overloading your body systems with stressful states such as anxiety, lack of sleep, lots of caffeine, or even poor posture can lead to dysfunction and altered function of digestion, immune system response, reproduction, mood, emotion, stress as well as energy storage and expenditure.

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Stress can be broken down into three stages:

  1. The alarm stage describes the initial reaction of the body to deal with a stressful situation. We know this simply as the ‘fight or flight’ reflex which suppresses neural supply to unconscious bodily functions such as digestion and reproduction.
  2. The adaptation or resistance stage is the aftermath of the initial stress and the body begins to return all its functions back to normal levels however the system as a whole remains on red alert. If stress is constant or persistent the body becomes depleted of resources to resistance or adapt itself leading to stage 3.
  3. The Exhaustion stage refers literally to the fatigue of the body’s energy and immunity. Commonly known as ‘burnout’ we become susceptible to disease.

Osteopathic treatments can directly target and treat the tissues responsible for the imbalances created by the alarm stage and help the body relax back to its neutral state and better manage the stress response. Breathing exercises and tension release techniques performed by an osteopath can also help correct alignment that may be irritating nerves or internal organs.