What’s the HYPE about essential oils?

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Turn off your phone, dim the lights and close your eyes. Sit up straight in your chair. Feel the four corners of your feet planted firmly in the ground. Visualize roots growing from beneath the soles of your feet. Keep a long spine, shoulders rolled back and down. Relax your face and pour on two drops of lavender in the palm of your hands. Rub your hands together, keeping your eyes closed, and take a deep long inhale. Breath in this light, floral aromatic smell. Start rubbing your temples with the tips of your fingertips, and run your hands down the back of your neck. Keep breathing deeply. Feel all feelings of tension or worry float away. Open up your heart to this present moment, feeling at one with yourself. Do you feel like you are in a dream land already? 


Oils and aromatherapy can add to your state of meditation and relaxation instantly. Taking a moment to take a deep breath, and take a moment for yourself at the start of your day is a powerful practice. It turns out that you don’t always need to revert to coffee for a quick energy boost, or pop an Advil to kick-start your immune system. As good as chocolate could be when you are sad or stressed, it’s easy to over estimate the quantity that we should indulge in to improve our mood. A healthy alternative to changing or intensifying your mood could be using essential oils!

Alison Hewitt, a personal trainer who teaches here at Energie EnCorps, is responsible for getting the majority of our studio members hooked on dōTerra essential oils. She is the go-to woman when it comes to understanding the best way to use (or mix and match) the oils and what their properties are. Alison’s skills, as a whole, is unbounded when it comes to self-developing oneself towards a more radiant, beaming life.

What is an essential oil and why are so many people drawn to them? 

Essential oils are a scented liquid that is taken from plants using steam or pressure. This concentrated liquid contains the plants natural chemicals, odour, and flavor. Which is why it is so potent, meaning you only need one drop and you will get the maximum benefits from the oil of choice. The research on the benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy is extensive. There is also a huge history of using aromatic herbs and aromatherapy in the evolution of mankind. The Egyptians were the first people who actually used them extensively. They relied on these oils specifically for medicinal purposes, cosmetics and to use as a complement to traditional events. Essential oils for holistic health Essential oils are multi-dimensional, full of homeostatic intelligence that will restore the body to a healthy state of balance. The oils adapt when the condition of the body changes, energizing or relaxing the body as needed. They will balance out the pH of the body, raising or lowering blood pressure as needed. In all, essential oils integrate a holistic idea that the body, mind, and soul are interrelated. They also treat the body at a cellular level. The alluring smell paired with it’s health benefits is one of the reasons that the use of essential oils and aromatherapy has become a major influencer in holistic health systems. The hype continues to grow, and for good reasons! You don’t need to be a yogi or live gypsy style to test out essential oils. 

Doterra Essential oils are available at Energie EnCorps.  Come in studio to see our selection of oils.  Looking for something particular?  We can order it for you!