Yoga Classes


Deepen your practice, learn about the true foundation of where many modern day yoga stems from Ashtanga, India. Open your eyes to a pure practice. Learn the series of postures, the chants, the sanskrit names and the philosophies of the yoga. A challenging series of movements focusing on breath, engagement and focus.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced


Energie Encorps specializes in a yoga practice that is energetic, dynamic and invigorating. Their signature EnergieFLO class is a vinyasa (flowing) practice deeply rooted in the Ashtanga tradition. By maintaining a strong connection between breath and body, the aim is to quiet the fluctuations of the mind, improving clarity resulting in a state of calmness... While the effects of the practice are improved strength, flexibility and balance... the true gifts of the practice are what we can take with us beyond the mat... patience, mental strength, determination and focus. Beg/Int.

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga focuses on stretching, breathing, relaxation, and simple movements to increase range of motion. Leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Perfect for beginners.

Level: All levels

Mysore Style

Mysore yoga caters to each individual practitioner of yoga. Participants are free to practice at their own comfortable pace, and focus on improving their practice in an individualized manner. Practice yoga in a mindful environment where a teacher can provide you with one-on-one instruction and guidance to improve your practice. Every participant follows their breath work and ashtanga flow at their own pace in this meditative class, focusing on reaching whatever goal they choose. All levels are welcome! Registration required 24 hours in advance.

Level: All levels for


A soothing, gentle flow of yoga postures with a strong emphasis on breath work (Prana), visualization, and self-healing designed to improve the flow of Prana thereby promoting emotional balance and openness in body, mind, and soul. A mini-retreat every time you come... Previously called GentleFLO.

Level: All levels

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is all about relaxation, letting go and breathing deeply. Schedule this time in your week for your own rest, relaxation, and much-needed self-care. PROPS NEEDED for a restorative yoga class: 2 blocks, 2 blankets and a strap. A bolster is not essential but is highly recommended to make your practice blissful... Props are available for sale in our studio retail store.

Level: All levels

Yang + Yin

Yang Yin Yoga combines two seemingly opposite styles of yoga into one unique practice which has both the benefits of yin with relaxation, gentleness, and ease combined with the dynamic movement and strength that we attribute to yang. Students must have props for the YIN portion of the class. Minimum props are 2 blocks, 2 blankets, and a strap. A bolster would make your practice much nicer but is not essential.

Level: All levels

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a practice that aims to go deeper than the muscular tissues, or "yang" tissues, affected in other types of yoga. It targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones and joints, through long-held poses and deep relaxation which isn't normally exercised in a more active asana class. The postures can be held for anywhere between 1 to 5 minutes each, which can create a different challenge for some people, but ultimately brings a much needed "yin" energy to our typical "yang" style of classes. Props are needed for YIN YOGA. Please bring 2 blocks and 2 blankets. A bolster would make your practice much nicer but is not essential.

Level: All levels

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