Why work at Énergie EnCorps? Join our young and dynamic social media marketing team!

Here is 10 reasons why:

  1. One of the many benefits of working at Énergie EnCorps is the free access to yoga classes. As an employee, you get unlimited access to accessing the video library or attending any in person class of your choice! You will also get 20% off all products.
  2. Working at  Énergie EnCorps gives you an opportunity to learn about Ashtanga yoga and deepen your practice. Even if you have not done yoga before, this opportunity gives you a chance to dive into this self-care division.
  3. Joining our social media marketing team allows you to work with marketing plans, canva graphic designing and creating content about wellness services and classes.
  4. Working for a small business such as Énergie EnCorps will deepen your entrepreneurial skills and allow you to understand the processes and operations behind our studio.
  5. You will meet a team of wonderful, spiritual people who will always greet you with a smile. 
  6. Énergie EnCorps gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge learned from school and develop their skills. This job title looks great on your resume!
  7. Another benefit of working at Énergie EnCorps is the flexible hours. Our team will work with your availability to offer you the best work schedule that will fit your needs.
  8. Énergie EnCorps is located in pointe-claire right in the heart of St-Jean, situated next to many grocery and convenience stores. The location is great for students looking for a job in the West Island! No more long waits in traffic after your shifts.
  9. Énergie EnCorps offers a soothing, calm and zen work environment. The office is surrounded by beautiful plants, crystals and salt lamps that will make you feel good while you work.
  10. Énergie EnCorps offers many different workshops that you will get the chance to work on. By promoting and creating content to market these workshops, you will learn interesting new things about a variety of different topics!

What have I learned at Énergie EnCorps?

Joining the team here at Énergie EnCorps has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people and form great relationships in business. I have prospered in my ability to be creative in my projects and am continuously learning about how to run a successful business. I have learned many digital marketing skills, such as planning posts and stories, and have greatly developed my interpersonal skills due to always interacting with clients and helping them with their queries.

Before working at Énergie EnCorps, I knew nothing about the Ashtanga practice of yoga. I was able to learn more about yoga and try out different classes by marketing these services. I am so grateful to be able to have this opportunity as it has helped me with my spiritual journey and has taught me how valuable self-care is, especially during the pandemic. This job has allowed me to find a new passion for yoga and try out as many classes as I want on my off time. 

In addition, working here has helped me advance in my career by giving me leverage when searching for my long-term career. Working in this field looks amazing on my resume, and has helped me gain valuable experience and knowledge for my future career. Working with customer relations, marketing plans, digital marketing and creating content are very beneficial tools that are used in everyday life. Other skills I have acquired working at Énergie EnCorps include time management skills, social skills, team bonding and customer service. Furthermore, I have mastered using the mindbody software which we use for all bookings of classes and services. 

Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity! Invest in your future by gaining valuable knowledge from working here, and by being mentored by Rozel Gonzales, the founder and owner of Énergie EnCorps. You will be guided by Rozel’s advice and have access to her insights gained through her many different business ventures.