5 Reasons to do a Winter Yoga Retreat with Energie EnCorps

Going on the Yoga Retreat at Le Centre De Vie during the Energie EnCorps Yoga Teacher Training last year was the most incredible experience. The location is something that everyone must experience if they feel like they need a getaway and time to restore and rejuvenate. You will be blown away with how cozy, detailed and loving the atmosphere is. Add the wonderful people, the healthy meals and the perfectly planned days to accommodate your weekend of restoration… you won’t want to leave! In case that didn’t persuade you, here are FIVE other reasons why you should join us.

5 Reasons to do a Yoga Retreat

  1. You’ll eat well without having to cook yourself No need to worry about preparing your own meals. You will be served vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch and supper! Everything is nutritious, tasty and fresh! Did I mention they serve fresh eggs from their farm for breakfast? 
  2. You’ll relax and destress How can’t you relax when you’re surrounded in the most peaceful environment, doing yoga and exploring your creativity with art mandalas? Being far from home will make it easier for you to allow yourself permission to unwind. 
  3. You’ll experience a digital detox You’ll be able to disconnect yourself from the constant social media loop that we all seem to be in. There won’t be that need to endlessly text, check your Facebook timeline and tweet. 
  4. You’ll have a change in perspective Going somewhere new allows for the opportunity to see yourself or situations in a new light. Change is all about going into the unknown, which will ultimately lead to a transformation. 
  5. You’ll make friends It is said that we all meet the right people, at the right time. You are bound to meet like-minded people who have similar interests, at this retreat. You might be surprised how easy you will find it to connect with others on the weekend retreat.


Energie EnCorps


Check out some pictures and videos from our past winter retreats!  Join Rozel and Elaine this March 2022 for our Winter Yoga Retreat.