What is Reiki?

You may have heard about Reiki is a new service at our West Island health and wellness center, Energie EnCorps. Well, Nicole Fortunaso our resident reiki practitioner is here to tell you a little about reiki and why you would want to see a reiki practitioner so you can add a little bit of gentle and calm reiki energy into your life.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a relaxation technique, you can think of it as a meditation on steroids! Reiki creates a space for you to feel calm and deeply relaxed. It allows you to release worries and tensions and invite in beautiful positive energy into your body. The great part about the reiki service offered at Energie Encorp is that it is a service covered by insurance under naturotherapy.

How does it work?

The Reiki practitioner holds the space for you to relax and works with the energy field, aura and chakras of your body to release energy that you no longer need to hold onto. Reiki is designed to help you feel relaxed and a practitioner uses their hands to deliver reiki energy by hovering over the body or applying a light touch to key energy points in your body.

Clients at Energie Encorps usually come well hydrated, in their yoga clothes and lie on one of our comfortable massage tables with or without a cozy blanket. The Reiki practitioner uses their hands to release, clear and bring in new refreshing and relaxing energy to the body. Clients usually start on their backs first and then go onto their stomach. In some cases, clients can ask to stay in a certain position that suits their body and their comfort levels – helping you stay relaxed is our focus. The Reiki practitioner then rakes their hands over the head, body, and feet and lightly squeezes the arms and legs to release any remaining tensions.

At the beginning of each session, clients will set an intention of what they want to release, work on, discover or release for their session and sometimes multiple sessions are needed to help move towards that goal. As Nicole is also a life coach and with your permission, she may give you tips, feedback or homework to assist you with your topic.

The great part about reiki is that you can use it in conjunction with any other therapy or treatment, it totally supports your goals and wellbeing.

What intentions can I set in my session?

You can really set any intention or intentions you want in your session. Some common ones that we have seen so far are: stress relief, anxiety reduction, better sleep, positive health and body health support, peace, joy, abundance, connection with themselves and finally some people just come to experience a session.

Do you use crystals during your session?

Nicole Fortunaso is a Pro Crystal Healer trained by New York Therapist and Author Krista Mitchel and uses crystals in her sessions to support your intentions and energy work. If you don’t want to work with crystals please let her know! The crystals are placed on the main chakra points in the body. Each crystal is specifically chosen for the client and their unique situation – consider it your personal crystal recipe! The crystals are from her own personal collection and are cleaned, cleared and charged for every client session.

What will I feel during a session?

Clients may feel relaxed, and some of our clients have mentioned that they have had a good night’s rest after a session. During the session, some clients may fall asleep or be in a semi-awake state (like when you have a massage or meditate). Some will feel different sensations as energy moves through their body, cold energy, heat energy or tingling energy and may have daydreams about colors or past events. Sometimes the only thing that a client may feel is relaxed, but no worries the energy is still doing its work. After a session, we recommend honoring how your body feels, just like in any other self-care practice.

Nicole Fortunaso
Nicole Fortunaso

Nicole Fortunaso hails from down under. She came to Canada from Australia for a new experience and for a business opportunity over 15 years ago. She is focused on helping individuals find ways to stay tranquil, grounded and gain clarity with holistic and intuitive life coaching, using Reiki, tarot and practical approaches based on her experiences. Nicole is married with a 4-year-old daughter, she is a reiki master, crystal healer and has two bachelor degrees in science and business.