What is Osteopathy?

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an alternative Medicine. Its aim is to prevent and care for physical dysfunction with an application of gentle manual techniques.

What makes it different? Osteopathy differs from other manual therapy in its philosophy and evaluation. An osteopath Is constantly searching for the root cause of physical dysfunctions, and because the body is made up of muscles, bones, organs, liquids and more, the therapist will assess all of these aspects in order to consider the body as a whole. This is called a holistic approach.

What is the philosophy of osteopathy?

The body has healing and auto-regulating capacities. Sometimes a physical dysfunction will impair the body’s ability to heal. the osteopath doesn’t heal the body, the body heals itself. The osteopath only facilitates that process by removing the barriers that impair the body’s innate healing capacity. It depends on the condition. But generally, 1 to 3 visit is sufficient to have results. Chronic cases can require more repeated care but are less common. 

What conditions can be helped? Virtually everything that has a physical dysfunction as a cause can be helped by an osteopathic professional. It also has to be a functional dysfunction, which means that an osteopath does not repair tissue or heal medical conditions. People consult for a wide variety of ailments, we recommend that people consult a doctor to make sure that their condition is not a medical one before consulting an osteopath. 

The benefits of seeing an osteopath at Energie EnCorps?

Osteopathic treatment is a natural treatment, not requiring any medication.  It is a modality that believes in allowing the body to heal itself.  At Energie EnCorps we believe in working with your body naturally, but as well, empowering you to do everything that you can to help yourself.  

Our team of health professionals will work together with you to work with you on and off “the table”, complementing your healing with yoga, fitness and alternative therapies.  Our osteopaths truly care about your well-being and will take the time to get to know you and work with you closely.