The 5 Bodies of 'I' with Bhaskar Goswami

The 5 Bodies of 'I': Physical, Energetic, Mental, Inherent Intelligence, and Auric Body
What is self care? Very often we are looking to step into a higher version of ourselves in terms of optimum health. It is when we explore our growth edge that we truly come alive. As the saying goes, if you are not growing you are dying.
Join us in this deep exploration of what self care truly means from the perspective of your five bodies. Understand the inner sciences and discover your growth edge in each of these dimensions.
This workshop includes theory, guided practice, group dialogue and journaling. And will require a yoga mat, a notebook/journal and pen.
About Bhaskar Goswami:
Bhaskar Goswami is an acclaimed speaker and a senior yoga and meditation teacher from Assam, India. He is an embodiment specialist dedicated to helping people access the wisdom of their bodies through mindfulness practices. Bhaskar is the founder of BODHI, an organization offering genuine wellbeing to people in homes, businesses, schools and special care centers.
He is also the founder of daana, a CBC award winning non-profit organization providing contribution-based wellness activities around the world. Bhaskar has published two international albums, Open Yoga and Wisdom Stories and is the author of Wisdom Stories - Book 1. Bhaskar has a Masters Honors in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nottingham (England) and a 10-year international engineering career. He lives in Montreal (Canada) with his family of three children.
Date: Sunday, May 28th
Time: 12pm - 2pm
Cost: $50 + tax
Note: promotional pictures are taken by us during these workshops. If you are not comfortable having your photo taken please let us know before the workshop begins

Cancellation Policy: We accept cancellations up to 7 days prior to the workshop and you will receive a full refund minus 10% of the original workshop fee. No refunds are available for cancellations within 7 days of the workshop.

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