Top 5 Tips for Taking Virtual Classes

“We will be here to help you to stay balanced in body and mind. We will be the community you can always count on.”

Over the past two years our staff at Energie EnCorps and our community have become somewhat of experts in the domain of virtual yoga and fitness.  Here are some of our top tips to help make your virtual a success.

1. Cast us onto the big screen

  • The nicest setups we have witnessed from our clients is when we are cast onto a television.  Use the video cast option from your phone, tablet or laptop to do so.  

  • If casting to a TV is not possible, use the biggest screen possible.  A laptop or monitor works very well.

2. Show us your smile

  • It is so nice to be able to see you when we open up our virtual classes, so we encourage you to open your camera.  We know some of you are shy, but it really helps to build a connection between us.  We want to see your smile!

  • We try our best to interact with our students as much as possible.  In many of our classes, we will be able to offer you feedback.
  • Try our Mysore Yoga class if you really want to receive feedback while you practice  This is the best type of class to develop your practice, especially online.

3. Make sure we can see you top to bottom

  • If you would like feedback, make sure that we can see the top of your head and your feet

  • Figure out the setup that works best for you and always put your device back in the same spot each day

4. Prepare your equipment

  • Be ready for class with all you need, just like coming to the studio.  (water bottle, towel, blocks, straps, weights, bands, etc)

5. Mute and unmute

  • Do not be shy to unmute at the beginning of class to say hello or to ask questions, etc.

  • Once the class begins, please mute so that there is no feedback, keeping the quality of the sound high.
  • At the end of class, please say goodbye wave and unmute to share any feedback you may have!

“Our goal is to give you options that you are comfortable with.” 

The ever changing environment that we are currently living this has caused so much uncertainty and anxiety is so many people.  Our goal is to provide you with options to give you peace of mind.  Irregardless of the situation, no matter what the restrictions are, with us, you will be able to maintain your mental and physical health.  You will always have a friendly face to connect with each day.  You will always have the option to participate and connect with us in a way that you are comfortable.

Rozel Gonzales
Owner Energie EnCorps