The meaning of FLO

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Have you ever wondered why we call our classes FLO at Énergie EnCorps? 

At Energie EnCorps we use the term FLO for many of our yoga classes. EnergieFLO, PranaFLO, FoundationFLO… The word FLO refers to a style of yoga, called the Vinyasa Flow style practice, which means that the postures are linked together, somewhat like a dance. The breath is the main focus of the class and the movements are all timed with this energetic breath, creating heat and core strength within the body. In an asana (physical yoga) practice, there is FLO when the breath is steady and when the body is open and properly aligned. Familiar with a sun salutation? This is a type of FLO. When we first begin the journey of yoga, often times the emphasis is really only on the physicality of the practice.

  • Can I touch my toes?
  • When will my heels touch the ground in downward dog?
  • Oh my gosh… I can’t breathe.
  • Is anyone else hurting?


There is this general misconception stating that yoga is all about touching one’s toes and that if someone is not flexible they should not do yoga. This is like saying, I can’t swim… so maybe I should not take swimming lessons! In reality, FLO can mean so much more. To experience FLO, it is more of a mindset as opposed to only a physical feat. 


Personally, the word FLO means there is balance in my life, that there is enough space inside and around me to create new possibilities and experiences. It means that there is this amazing energy inside of me that simply wants to be active and alive. When I am in the FLO, I feel strong, confident and ready to make new connections and meet new people. When I have achieved this level of FLO, in my body and mind, I am energetic enough to uplift, motivate and help others. My WHY… the reason why I get up each morning has to do with helping people find their FLO. Would you like to try a FLO class? Check out our schedule. Interested in quieting your mind instead? Maybe there is a workshop or event up your alley…. 

Picture of Rozel Gonzales
Rozel Gonzales

Rozel Gonzales is a passionate yoga + fitness teacher, massage therapist, speaker, entrepreneur and mother of three, dedicated to helping people SHINE FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

Rozel pours her heart and soul into uplifting others, teaching others to live in the present moment and to take the philosophy of yoga OFF THE MAT and into the world. Rozel has been teaching yoga and fitness since 1997.

An Ashtanga trained teacher, she is the lead trainer for the Energie EnCorps Yoga Teacher Training program. Rozel continuously attends workshops and trainings around the world to update her skills and to build upon the foundations taught to her by her teachers Mark Darby and Manju Jois.

Rozel actively speaks at the corporate level on mindfulness and personal development using the path of yoga. To learn more about Rozel’s philosophy, check out her new podcast called The Path.