Covid Update

Updated February 2, 2022

Re-opening In-Person Classes

We are happy to welcome you all back again for in-person classes as of Monday, February 14th.  We have missed you all and are ready to get everyone back on track.

Please note that classes will continue in the hybrid format, allowing you to attend in person or online.  Classes will continue to be uploaded to our video library each day. 

Please see the details of our transition plan.

  • All in-studio classes will be added to the schedule as of February 14.
  • Each class will have a virtual or a studio option, please make sure to register for the correct class, as the studio option has a capacity limit to respect. 
  • Please cancel your virtual class registrations if you need to make a switch.


Virtual class registration procedures remain unchanged.

  • Upon registration for a virtual class, an email with the zoom link will be sent automatically.
  • Please ensure that you have selected the option to receive email notifications in your profile setup, otherwise, you will not receive it.


triangle yoga pose
Our promise

We are happy to continue giving you options that you are comfortable with.

We are so happy to see you all again.  As you know, our entire staff is extremely dedicated and have just been waiting for you to come back. 

We understand that some of you may prefer to continue to take virtual classes with us and we are happy to continue giving you options that you are comfortable with.

If you have questions about your EnergiePass membership or class packs, please email info@energieencorps.com.   

Note that we remain open for all therapeutic services (massage, osteopathy, nutrition, naturopathy, reiki), as they are considered essential services.  All yoga teacher training sessions, in-person retreats, workshops and events are also back on track! 

Thank you for all your patience!

Rozel Gonzales

Owner, Energie EnCorps

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