300H Advanced Teacher Mentorship 2024

The Energie EnCorps yoga mentorship program is designed for anyone who has already completed the Energie EnCorps 200h Yoga Teacher Training and is serious about putting into practice the skills they have learned over the course of the year, in a welcoming and open, community environment.

Completing a 200h teacher training program for some people is really only the tip of the iceberg. For many, the first year is simply about absorbing information, being introduced to new ideas and an opportunity to try to learn something new for the first time.
As with all things, to become good at something it requires practice and a good mentor to guide you along the way.

The YTT mentorship program allows the student to actively participate in current year Ashtanga Vinyasa 200h YTT as a senior student. In this new role, the mentor will be given the opportunity to absorb the subtleties of the practice from a more experienced standpoint and have the chance to practice teaching all they have learned to the new trainees. Every YTT weekend mentees will be partnered with new students allowing them to play an active role in supporting their development. Mentees will be assigned topics to discuss, teach or sharing their experiences with those who are just started. This gives mentees the chance to deepen their knowledge, receive practical experience, and build their confidence. (Bilingual instruction)

As a senior student, the emphasis will be on the following:

  • alignment correction
  • hands-on adjustments
  • vinyasa sequencing
  • incorporation of touch (relaxation massage, touch for breath awareness)
  • leading pranayama and meditation
  • restorative yoga
  • exercises and drills to lead up to postures
  • arm-balancing and inversions
  • incorporation of philosophy into dialogue
  • strengthening of verbal cueing and body language
  • managing class environments

Guest presenters:

  • Stéphane Baudin - Yoga + Anatomy
  • Bhaskar Goswami - Yoga Mythology
  • Emilia Arenas - Yoga Sutras
  • Patricia Amado - Life of an Ashtangi
  • Jody Manley - Pranayama and Chanting

Plus other special guests...

Senior students will have the opportunity to teach regular karma classes on the Energie EnCorps schedule, individually or in a team setting.

Each mentee will work with the lead instructor to discuss what their individual goals are with respect to their practice. Homework will be assigned each month based on the mentee's individual interests.

Breakdown of hours

The 300h YTT consists of 200 in-class hours in addition to hours dedicated to homework, karma class, monthly touchpoint meetings with the lead instructor as well as hours dedicated to personal practice.

Teacher Training Schedule:

11 weekends of 16 hours PLUS one getaway 3 days retreat weekend.

Weekend Schedule:

Saturdays and Sundays 7:30am to 4:30pm

  • April 6-7
  • May 4-5
  • June 8-9
  • July 6-7
  • August 10-11
  • September 27-29 (Centre de Vie Retreat:https://www.centredevie.ca)
  • October 19-20
  • November 16-17
  • December 7-8
  • January 11-12
  • February 15-16

COVID update: Please note that plans for stability and continuity exist despite the possibility of covid restrictions.

Watch these videos to learn more about our YTT program:






Reading material:

Ashtanga Intermediate Series Yoga, Gregor Maehle
Yoga Adjustments, Mark Stephens
Teaching Yoga Beyond the Poses, Sage Rountree

Books will be made available at Energie EnCorps. Books are not included in the tuition.

APPLICATION FORM: https://bit.ly/35maxkW

CONTRACT FORM: https://bit.ly/3vjp4Z5


Cost: $3750 (Includes retreat weekend at Centre de Vie, book costs not included) Spaces are limited. 20-person maximum capacity.

Optional: 40% off unlimited EnergiePASS membership at Energie EnCorps for all Teacher Trainees covering the 11-month duration of the course.

Payment Options:

To reserve your spot for 2023, a $500 non-refundable deposit.
Early bird special: $3600 if paid in full before February 25th, 2023 OR

Installment Plan (via credit card or post-dated cheques)

  • 1st payment: $1750 by March 1st, 2023
  • 2nd payment: $1000 by June 1st, 2023
  • 3rd payment: $1000 by August 1st, 2023

All payments are subject to GST and PST. No refunds will be provided. Missed hours can be made up in the following year's teacher training.

Certifications: At the end of the course, students that fulfill all the requirements will receive a 300-hour Certificate of Yoga Training completion from Energie EnCorps, a Yoga Alliance registered school and designated continuing education provider (YACEP)


To register online for the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL, click SIGN UP below.

To register using the payment plan, please call the studio at (514) 505-9642 or come in person.

* Energie EnCorps is one of the very few yoga schools recognized by Revenue Québec as an educational institution. This allows you to deduct your yoga teacher training costs from your provincial income taxes as an educational expense. *

Need more information? Please feel free to call the studio to sign up for a free information session or to book a private meeting with Rozel. (514) 505-9642.

For more information about our YTT programs click here: https://bit.ly/3eUuPGQ  


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