Top 5 Tips for Taking Virtual Classes

virtual yoga and fitness classes

“We will be here to help you to stay balanced in body and mind. We will be the community you can always count on.” Over the past two years our staff at Energie EnCorps and our community have become somewhat of experts in the domain of virtual yoga and fitness.  Here are some of our […]

5 raisons de faire une retraite de yoga en hiver avec Energie EnCorps

Winter Yoga Retreat

Going on the Yoga Retreat at Le Centre De Vie during the Energie EnCorps Yoga Teacher Training last year was the most incredible experience. The location is something that everyone must experience if they feel like they need a getaway and time to restore and rejuvenate. You will be blown away with how cozy, detailed […]

Le sens de l'expression FLO

Have you ever wondered why we call our classes FLO at Énergie EnCorps?  At Energie EnCorps we use the term FLO for many of our yoga classes. EnergieFLO, PranaFLO, FoundationFLO… The word FLO refers to a style of yoga, called the Vinyasa Flow style practice, which means that the postures are linked together, somewhat like […]