Reiki Level 1 Training

Join reiki master Debbie White to earn your Reiki Level 1 Certification! 

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a gentle but powerful modality to support healing, It originated in Japan, and the word Reiki can be translated as guided life force energy, or sometimes as the "great bright light". A session can be likened to being bathed in light energy, and unconditional love. This system has its foundation in practicing the 5 Reiki ideals, loving kindness, and our inherent connection to all that is. It is a hands on, or off, healing modality, but more than that, it can become a way of life. It reveals new ways of being, that free you from past conditioning and patterns that no longer reflect who you truly are! Receiving this energy is deeply calming to the nervous system, creating space for the body to heal on all levels. Reiki is completely non invasive and can be used effectively to support children, adults, pets, bless your food, your space, situations and circumstances, and send distance healing
Workshop description
Reiki certification is divided into 4 levels, from level 1 to Master Teacher. Although each level brings unique gifts and increased light "bandwidth", the level 1 teaching sets the foundation not only for this modality, but for a deeper understanding of the self as a spiritual being. This teaching focuses on the 5 Reiki ideals, which offer a pathway to unravelling or rediscovering the simplicity and power of your true nature. You will become more aware of your intuitive abilities, begin to release judgements, and cultivate an attitude of loving kindness towards yourself, and others. Reiki is a wonderful compliment for anyone working in the health and wellness industry such as (yoga teachers, massage therapists, life coaches, etc)!
We will explore the concepts of what healing is, the origins and meaning of this art, as well as aspects of the energetic body and systems. In this level 1 experience, you will receive an attunement to align your energy field with Reiki energy, learn the Reiki ideals, the 3 pillars of Reiki, hand positions to complete a 1hr session, self healing techniques, and much more. You will be encouraged to continue this journey of self discovery with a 21 day exploration of the Reiki ideals. This is a foundational course on your spiritual journey of healing!
  • What is reiki
  • The history of reiki
  • What Reiki can be used for
  • The human energy field and the study of energy
  • How to sense your own energy and feel the energy on your body
  • Experience the Ocean of Holy Love guided meditation.
  • Explore the 5 Reiki ideals and the art of inviting happiness.
  • The 3 pillars of Reiki.
  • An introduction to resonance and how this creates an opportunity for healing
  • Learn hand positions to conduct a full session, as well as self healing methods.
  • Give and receive a full session by the end of the day.
  • Learn meditation and visualization techniques to clear your body
Receive Reiki level 1 attunement enabling you to connect with the energy, as well as your certificate of completion.
About Debbie White
Debbie White is a registered Massage therapist and holistic practitioner. Her goal is to support your wellness through the mind-body-spirit connection. Debbie began her training in 2009 with Reiki and now offers certifications as a Reiki Master Teacher. Her studies include other modalities such as Massage therapy, Thai Massage, Acupressure, Sound therapy, Integrative Energy therapy (IET), Feng shui, and Qigong. She is a member of ACTMD, with over 1000 hours of training and has recently published a children’s wellness workbook called My Magical Compass. She looks forward to helping you regain and maintain your sense of balance, vitality and wellbeing.
Date: Saturday October 15, 2022
Time: 8:30am-3pm
Cost: $200 + tax
* Energie EnCorps is one of the very few schools recognized by Revenue Québec as an educational institution. This allows you to deduct your Reiki Level 1 training costs from your provincial income taxes as an educational expense. *
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