Reiki Training Level 1

The Reiki Level 1 Training is an on-going individual training offered at Energie EnCorps.  Dates and times for each session will be customized according to student and teacher availabilities.
Learn Reiki Level 1 – for self-healing and self-exploration

Reiki is a Japanese energy technique focused on creating relaxation and self discovery. It is a technique that can be utilized to reduce stress and promote self-healing through the reduction of stress and stress states in the body. Reiki is recognized by the AQTN as a modality under naturotherapies and you can learn this technique for yourself.

At Energie Encorps our resident Reiki Master Nicole Fortunaso and member of the AQTN has put together a level 1 course for those that are interested in exploring the power of reiki for themselves. Reiki is a wonderful compliment for anyone working in the health and wellness industry such as (yoga teachers, massage therapists, life coaches, etc)!

In this course, you will learn what Reiki is, it's history, and what it can be used for. In addition, students will learn meditations and visualizations and reiki energy symbols for self-healing sessions (including hand placements and self-scanning of the human energy field – aka aura and chakras).
Expectations and Goals

This level is about self-exploration of reiki and discovering how to harness chi within the body and tap into universal energy. In this module students will learn:

  • What is reiki
  • The history of reiki
  • What Reiki can be used for
  • The human energy field and the study of energy
  • How to sense their own energy and feel the energy on your body
  • An introduction to resonance and how this creates an opportunity for healing
  • Learn the symbols: Choku Rei and Sei He Ki
  • Daily Energy clearing and protection
  • Learn meditation and visualization techniques to clear your body
  • An introduction to learning about the process of “Dis-ease” in the body as described by Louise Hay
  • Do self-exploration case-studies
About Nicole
Nicole Fortunaso hails from down under. She came to Canada from Australia for a new experience and for a business opportunity over 15 years ago. She is focused on helping individuals find ways to stay tranquil, grounded, and gain clarity with holistic and intuitive life coaching, using Reiki, tarot, and practical approaches based on her experiences.

Nicole is married with a 4-year-old daughter, she is a reiki master, naturotherapist, crystal healer, and has two bachelor degrees in science and business. She does a variety of workshops in the West Island and donates reiki sessions at the West Island Cancer Center.

To obtain certification for Reiki Level 1 you will need to submit homework logs each week and submit a written exam about your understanding of Reiki. If you don’t wish to have a certificate you can still take the course for your own personal learning.

Time Commitment:

  • 4 weekly online individual sessions of 1.15hrs each
  • 2 x 15 min individual touch bases to review work and provide feedback
  • Homework will take a couple of hours extra each week if you are looking to have a level 1 certificate
  • Reading and recommended reading will be provided
  • This training is offered in English only
  • This course can be done virtually or in person.

Cost: $320.00

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