Classes for all lifestyles

We can accommodate you in a safe way!

Our biggest Studio allows 12 people and our second studio allows 10 people. When one of the studios is full, we have an innovative option of casting the class into our second studio to allow more people to participate.  This is our way of keeping us all together, in a safe way!

Hybrid classes allow everyone to participate in the class from the comfort of their own home or in-person with the instructor in front of the class.

Virtual classes are an online solution to participate in the class without being present in the studio. When signing to class a confirmation email with the Zoom link will be sent out. Simply follow the instructions indicated.

Outdoor classes have a maximum of 25 students.  Please see class descriptions for location details.  Please verify your email in case of changes due to weather.

Replay videos are an easier and more effective way to watch the recordings!  We are making on-demand easier for you. Simply login to the Zoom call and we will take care of everything.  

Do not forget that you can also always access our video library at any time!  The library is updated everyday!

Covid Policies for
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Covid Policies
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COVID-19: Policies and Procedures.